Our radiation testing room


Before each trip, operators pass through a changing room equipped with an electronic hand/foot tester.

Our key testing devices

Hand-held air testers: Collect and analyze α and β particles (to monitor potential atmospheric contamination).
FH40 survey meter: Measures the dose rate.
Passive dosimeter: Every Class-B operator must carry one on them at all times.
Active hand-held dosimeter: Measures real-time dose rate. The testing operator must always have one on them. We recommend it to all our operators.
Background dosimeter: Detects background radiation emitted in public areas and the nearby surrounding area.
Nuclear vacuum cleaner: Vacuums the container interiors, impurities and all suspect elements in the area. This vacuum cleaner is only used in this area.




Two people hold RN1 and radiation testing certification


maintenance_radiologique_transports_nctFive people hold maintenance certification
> Soldering: ISO 9606-1: 2013 training
> Seal installation and painting: qualification through our packaging supplier