NCT-Control Qualifications


  • To meet your every need, our staff are COFREND certified at all levels, in accordance with the requirements of the European standard NF-EN-ISO 9712.
  • We are COFREND level 3 certified in leak proofing and COFREND level2 certified in penetrant testing.
  • ISO 9001 certification ongoing
  • We can therefore validate all your procedures and provide expert advice to our clients
  • We have the RINA qualification for the Container Security Control (CSC)


  • 6 mass spectrometry leak detectors
  • 2 LEYBOLD gas analysers
  • 9 pressure variation control assemblies:
    • Membranovac
    • Sensors
    • Recorders
  • 9 vacuum pumps from 2.5 to 65 m3 H-1
  • 4 turbo pumps 1200 m3 H-1