NCT’s radiation testing area

Step 1: The container is cleaned of radiation

  • The container arrives at the NCT site by truck
  • The initial dose rate measured <must be < 5µSv/h
  • A second surface test is carried out by performing a swipe test on the four ISO container corners

If the results are under the maximum permitted values:

– The truck is allowed to leave
– The container is given a red label
– The container is temporarily stored in the allocated area before its level of internal contamination is tested

STep 2: The container enters the metalwork/painting area BEFORE >& AFTER

  • The components are checked
  • Any faulty components are repaired or replaced with the same components, which comply with the original parts
  • Once ready, the container is given a green label and moved to a storage area before shipment
  • In this area, containers are organized by type

– Drum containers
– Big bag containers
– Crate containers

Step 3: Shipment

  • The container leaves the storage area
  • A final visual check of the container’s interior is made to:
    • Ensure there is no moisture
    • Check the accessories and components requested by the customer are present
      • E.g. nets for drum containers
  • The container is sealed
  • he container is loaded onto the truck for transport to the nuclear power plant